BOTTLE CO2 pressure limiter Crown Cap

K-CAP - the pressure limiter crown cap


Crown Caps with the KCAP patented system allow to decide your beers carbonation level in advance, precisely. Early bottling, fermentation peaks, mutant yeasts and high temperatures won’t stop your party
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The fact

Most of the complex craft beers, Kombucha teas, Craft & Experimental Sparkling Wines have a long evolution period in bottle and often the carbonation grows in an unexpected way expecially when the brewers make something more creative than the classic blonde ale. Brett, Fruits, lactics, wild yeasts, experiments and immagination are our playground.
KCAP helps our fermented dreams to succeed.

K-CAP in short

K-CAP releases pressure over a pre-defined limit.
We have now in beta-testing some K-CAPS with a 2.8/3.2 bars range pressure threshold. (click here to get them ) 100% standard sized 29mm crown cap, suitable for all the common automatic and manual bottling machines.

What is K-CAP for

  • Natural Beer and fermented beverages evolution
  • Aging
  • Storage and shelf-life improvement
  • Respect of laws about CO2 in liquids

How it works

Crown cap with standard dimensions, equiped with a mini valve realized to control the inner pressure inside a beer bottle and a liquidproof, permeable to C02 membrane.

Externally the cap is exactly alike the common crown cap.
It includes the valve without exceeding the average cap’s thickness. No holes, No strange things, No special bottling systems. 

Commercial versions of K-CAPS will be available in many versions, with different pressure limits, according to the different styles of beer and pressure value needs.

Compatible with the common capping machines.

When stored in horizontal position, liquid will never get out of the bottle thanks to a special one-direction semi-permeable membrane and the bottle will remain always 100% sealed.

No oxydation. The right carbonation, 100% fun.